Sugarbox with CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Limited) & HMRL (Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited)
Sugarbox , CMRL & HMRL needed a team with a substantial strength of manpower with backend support in the region of south where executing manpower based activation is very muddle

As manpower handling in south is not easy due to the restriction manpower has in south
Keeping all the difficulties in mind all the 3 brands asked 4Phase Media to come on board with a manpower strength of 84 manpower (mixture of male and female promoters) equally divided in both the states

Brands expected the team to get maximum acquisition of new user with criteria such as – reporting within 24 hours every day , all the manpower’s accurate attendance to be shared on daily basis & decent number of new users to be acquired

Team 4Phase Media delivered better results then expected
55000 new users within the period of two months with the accurate data in the period of 2 months with activity currently getting executed in both the states